May 14 – FOREVER by Pete Hamill (Historical Fantasy/SciFi). Travel back in time to NYC and follow the adventures of Cormac O’Connor who arrives there in 1740 and stays “forever”. Zarvin came out of retirement as a facilitator to help Janice Brodil as facilitator. A fascinating book and discussion.

April 16 – SPECIAL PROGRAM – AFTER DISASTER, AN INSIDER’S PERSPECTIVE FROM THE HEART OF CHAOS. by Edward Minyard. 7 PM in Bartlett Public Library. Ed will presented his experiences as President of Response Force 1 Corp. and provided information regarding his new book to an enthusiastic group of residents, who managed to fit perfectly in our library setting.

2013 – April 9 – ISSAC’S STORM by Eric Larsen (Non-Fiction). Eric Larsen has become one of our favorite authors and this fascinating book will help us when our special local speaker, Edward Minyard, comes to present his experiences in life and through his book, strong>AFTER DISASTER, on April 16.

March 12 – WHAT THE NANNY SAW by Fiona Neill, facilitated Pat Sharkin, brought a good group to discuss this relatively new novel that looked inside a wealthy London family’s home and illustrated why and how the rich are different.

February 12 – NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern, facilitated by Karen Allan brought out our largest crowd in years as 20+ managed to sit comfortably wearing their black, white and red circus garb. Interesting reviews came from all sides with the majority enthralled by the magic of NIGHT CIRCUS.

January 8 – THE 19TH WIFE by David Ebershoff, facilitated by Sue Andelman, gave us a different view of the Mormon Church and some of the groups operating outside of the church and law. It provided historical background of our country during the 1800′s as the adventurers moved west and settled.

January 8 – THE 19TH WIFE by David Ebershoff, facilitated by Sue Andelman

2012 –

December 11 will once again be our yearly party. Wonderful food, great conversation and you return home with a favorite book from our Yankee Swap.

November 13 -  Jackie Hamblet led a spirited discussion with 16 friends contributing comments.  It was one of the most informative meetings to date and covered a wide range of  banned books from the 1890′s through 1960′sMost of us left with plans to read or reread many of them after hearing how much they were enjoyed.

October 9 – LOVE YOU MORE – Lisa Gardner.  Our  special local author was chosen for this year’s One Book One Valley selection.  Many of us gathered to discuss one of Lisa’s DD Warren series, then traveled to the Church of the Nativity in North Conway on October 25 to hear Lisa speak.  It’s wonderful to have such a talented, humorous friend in the valley.

September 11 – GAME CHANGE:  OBAMA AND THE CLINTONS, McCAIN AND PALIN AND THE RACE OF A LIFETIME, by John Hellemann and Mark Halperin.  Our well-known historian, Tony DeLuca, helped us understand a little of the background drama in a national election as we near our new presidential election.  It was a packed room of folks willing to discuss openly.

AUGUST 14 -  10:00 AM Tin Mountain program about nocturnal animals to our summer reading program. All ages at 10:00

Teen Book Discussion – DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth

Adult Book Club August 14  – THE OTHER SIDE OF YOU by Salley Vickers. Led by Karen Allan, Elizabeth and Judy Ludgate, eight booklovers discussed the many  insights about grief, regret and reconciliation while attempting  to understand Caravvigio and how the Road to Emmaus related.

July 10 – First Summer Session led by Beverly Sarapin brought our younger group together at 9:30 AM and our older “camp” youngsters from 10:00 to 11:00 AM.  Everyone enjoyed the reading, activity, treats and selecting books for home summer reading.

July 10 BREAKFAST WITH BUDDHA by Roland Merullo and facilitated by Tony deLuca saw a limited group with expressive ideas regarding this story of a “good” family man who unwittingly finds what he’s missing in the most unexpected place.  An unusual book that provided a love/hate relationship from our readers.

2012 Book/Bake Sale – New location (back of Grant’s Parking Lot) and date (July 7, 2012) – once again broke previous year’s sales thanks to the hard work and support of the community.

June 9 – STONE VIRGIN by Barry Unsworth, second in our art series – provided laughter and thoughtful discussion surrounding this unique book that followed an Italian family through several generations through the history of the Virgin, it is woven in with the current work of the restorer in an intricate way.  We agreed it provided a good dosage of history, mystery and sensualism.

May 8 – GIRL IN HYACINTH BLUE by Susan Vreeland began our art series.  A large group agreed this was a beautiful work of art as we discussed the way one painting could influence families.

April 9 – CALEB’S CROSSING by Geraldine Brooks facilitated by Julie King brought many Friends together to discuss this  amazing story of Caleb and Bethia is part of an age-old battle of repressive and misguided individuals who callously use religion to assert dominancy, superiority, and control over others.

March 13 - KITCHEN HOUSE by Kathleen Grissom facilitated by Tony DeLuca brought 13 members eagerly anticipating Tony’s questions and comments.  Discussion brought us through the injustice of slavery and the hierarchy that existed within white and black communities during the 1700-1800′s.  This tragic story of suspense explored the meaning of family, where love and loyalty prevailed.

Fundraiser Monday, March 5, 2012 = Dine to Donate at Joseph’s Spaghetti Shed brought many “friends” together where we enjoyed great food and camaraderie while helping to support the Bartlett Public Library.  It was an enjoyable evening and we appreciate the support of the Dolan Family and our many “friends”.  Thank you so much.

February 14 – UNBROKEN by Laura Hildebrand facilitated by Julie King.  With 19 ”friends” in attendance, Julie led an animated discussion through the perils and anguish of war.  It was embellished by photos from her father’s collection - a fascinating evening.

January 10, 2012 – IN THE GARDEN OF BEASTS by Erik Larsen began the new year right. Over 20 members participated in a spirited discussion led by Tony DeLuca. The questions were stimulating and the answers enlightening. Several people recounted personal visits to concentration camp memorial sites and we felt fortunate to have such an educational forum.

2011 – FUNDRAISING: Once again our 4th of July Book/Bake sale was a huge success thanks for the multitude of books donated and purchased. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year. Thank you so much!

Special Holiday Event – December 13 – Holiday Party - was held at Jackie Hamblet’s home with over 20 “friends” attending. The food was fantastic, conversation stimulating followed by a lively book swap. Thank you, Jackie and Lloyd, for inviting us into your lovely home.
November 17 – Big Event, FOLLOWING ATTICUS by Tom Ryan – 1 Book 1 Valley Author Presentation 7 PM Lutheran Church, North Conway found a standing-room only crowd listening to Tom and enjoying Atticus. A great choice for 1B1V!
November 8 – FINDING ATTICUS, Laurie Gifford Adams (1Book1Valley Adjunct)
October 11THE HELP, Kathryn Stockett – brought 18 participants to our library where a hearty discussion flowed. It was facilitated by Jackie Hamblet and she encouraged everyone to relate their personal experiences from the 1960′s to current times. An extremely interesting and different meeting.
September 20FOLLOWING ATTICUS, Tom Ryan, book launch celebration hosted by the White Birch book at the Theatre in the Wood in Intervale at 7 PM for 1 Book 1 Valley. Valley meetings continued through November and were extremely well attended.
September 13THE KINGS SPEECH, Mark Logue was facilitated by Tony DeLuca. He provided background information that helped us understand the times and royal customs of England. It was extremely informative and enjoyable. Thank you Tony.
From July 5 thru August 9 @ 10:00 AM our summer reading program saw young readers in Bartlett traveling through books and experiences. “One World–Many Stories”, was the theme of the summer reading program at Bartlett Public Library. Children heard stories, did an activity, had a snack and checked out books for their own reading. Diane Edgecome, a fantastic story teller, presented a program on August 2 that was enjoyed by all.
July 12LITTLE BEE, Chris Cleave – did blow most of us away….as ten members sat and discussed this amazing book. In restrained, diamond-hard prose, Cleave alternates between these two characters’ points of view as he pulls the threads of their dark — but often funny — story tight. What unfolds between them… is both surprising and inevitable, thoroughly satisfying if also heart-rending.” — Washington Post. The discussion was especially interesting because there were a few who found the book too depressing.

After a brief review of our year by President, Gerrie Beck, OUR HUMANITIES SERIES ended on JUNE 14 when Frumie Selchen helped us understand DAUGHTER OF TIME by Josephine Tey. Twelve participants were actively engaged describing their thoughts and asking questions about this highly praised mystery novel about Richard III.
May 10 began our two-month Humanities Series hosted by Frumie Selchen. REFLEX by Dick Francis provided a wonderful platform for Frumie to vigorously lead twelve active readers by asking relevant questions and comments. As usual she brought many pieces of outside information with her to help us understand where and how Dick Francis gained such popularity.
SPECIAL PROGRAM -Tuesday, April 26 brought over 60 valley inhabitants to the cafeteria of JBES for the special program on hiking the 4,000 footers in New England. The authors of the book, IT’S NOT ABOUT THE HIKE, Nancy Sporborg and Pat Piper, gave an hour-long presentation on their physical journey as they tackled hiking the mountains as well as emotional and mental as they progressed through the challenge. It was an exciting undertaking and Kathy is pleased with the support of the community.
April 12 saw a large fascinating crowd to discuss MAJOR PETTIGREW’S LAST STAND by Helen Simonson. This interesting book provided the background for a lively discussion with many points of view. This modern-day story of love took everyone by surprise. A unique novel by first-time author Helen Simonson. Beverly Sarapin facilitated this fascinating book.
March 3, ELEGANCE OF THE HEDGEHOG by Muriel Barbery was a huge success as 15 “friends” sat together to discuss this interesting novel. We all agreed we had never read anything like it and the discussion, led by Julia King, brought insight to us all.
February 8 – OLIVE KITTEREDGE by Elizabeth Strout elicited strong reactions, both for and against.
January 11, ENDER’S GAME by Orson Scott Card saw an increase in attendance and enthusiastic support of our SciFi friends. Jonathan Ludgate and Zarvin Shaffer helped us understand basic science fiction lore and added dimension to our discussion.

December 14 was our Christmas social held at Colleen Allbee’s home – a wonderful tradition
December 7 – Jim Miller presented his new book, StoryLand
November 9
THE GLASS ROOM by Simon Mawer, discussion led by Karen Allan.
November 4GO WITH ME author Castle Freeman spoke at Salyards for 1B1V
October 12 – GO WITH ME by Castle Freeman, Jr., discussion in support of this year’s One Book One Valley selection
October 5 – CROSS CUT: A SPOKEN DOCUMENTARY was led by Rebecca Rule was extremely well attended with many Q&A.
September 13 – MUDBOUND by Hillary Jordan
July 13 – GARDEN SPELLS by Sarah Addison Allen–following the summer theme for adults, “Water Your Mind”
July 2-3-4, Preparations for the yearly Book/Bake Sale were made culminating in a very successful event
June 8 – THE LACE READER by Brunonia Barry. The discussion was facilitated by Bev Sarapin. The 6th annual Friends meeting to elect new officers was held immediately before discussion.
A Humanities Series that follows a NH Theme was hosted by Frumi Selchen in April and May:
May 11, 2010 – AMOSKEAG: LIFE AND WORK IN AN AMERICAN FACTORY CITY by Tamara Hareven and Randolph Langenback.
April 13 – LOOK TO THE MOUNTAIN by LeGrand Cannon. The surging men and women who pioneered the New England wilderness.
March 9 – SHANGHAI GIRLS by Lisa See.
February 9 – THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO by Stieg Larsson – Fascinating and a lot to digest!
January 12 – YEAR OF WONDERS by Geraldine Brooks facilitated by Jackie Hamblet.

July 4 – Successful Book/Bake Sale + Flatbread fundraiser

December 15 – Special Holiday gathering at Jackie Hamblet’s home
November 10 – THE GREAT GATSBY by F. Scott Figzgerald
October 29 – Chris Bohjalian presented DOUBLE BIND for One Book One Valley at the Luteran Church in North Conway
October 20 – In Our Own Voice – Janine Lapete, Peer Support & Team Leader for Northern NH gave her personal struggle through abuse and mental illness
October 13 – DOUBLE BIND by Chris Bohjalian
September 8 – A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT by Mark Twain with NH Humanities support and facilitated by Frumie Selchen
August 11 – IN THE SKIN OF A LION by Michael Ondaatge, facilitated by Karen Allen
June 9 – Friiends of the Library Annual Meeting followed by LIVE FREE AND EAT PIE with NH Humanities support and facilitated by Rebecca Rule – and a wonderful selection of pies were enjoyed by all following the discussion.
April 14 – Carol Foord presented Dolly Copp. Companion read was THE PILGRIM SOUL by Ann Miller Downes. (31)
April 9 – 5th Annual Meeting of the Bartlett Public Library Trustees
March 31 – Special Meeting – Birdy Ellsmore enchanted a crowd of 34 with her Earth Watch in Australia.
March 10 – A YEAR IN PROVENCE by Peter Mayle led by Jackie Hamblet (12)
February 10 – THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows led by Beverly Sarapin (16)
January 13 – SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN by Lisa See (18)

November 1 Red Park Pub Fundraiser
October 6 Flatbread Fundraiser
July 4 – another great Book/Bake Sale Event earning $680.80

December 9 – Special Meeting at Gerrie Beck’s home for a Yankee Book Swap and favorite tale – a new holiday tradition
November 14 – HERE IF YOU NEED ME by Kate Baestrump at North Conway Lutheran Church for 1B1V
November 11 – I’M A STRANGER HERE MYSELF by Bill Bryson, Presenter Frumie Selchin, NH Humanities
October 28, Brian Abrams from the Fish and Game discussed local search and resue missions to a crowd of over 50
October 14 – A TASTE FOR DEATH by PD James, presented Ingrid Graff, NH Humanities (20)
September 9 – WINTERDANCE by Gary Paulson, presented by Kristen Laine, NH Humanities (23)
August 19 – THE TRUE ACCOUNT: A NOVEL OF THE LEWIS AND CLARK & KINNESON EXPEDITIONS by Howard Frank Mosher. Over 30 enthusiasts enjoyed listening to our own local talent and extraordinary cyclist, Marianne Borowski, present her bicycle trip tracing the Lewis and Clark expedition.
July 8 – THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING by Rudyard Kipling – presented by Gaye Gould
June 10 – 4th Annual Meeting made special by recognition of Jean Garland for 55+ years of service to the Bartlett community as our special town librarian. A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS by Khaled Hosseini discussion followed.
May 13 – DAWNLAND ENCOUNTERS by Colin G. Calloway, NH Humanities Stanley Howe led the discussion
April 24 – Jane English presented OUR MOUNTAIN TRIPS – 1899-1908. (35)
April 8 – THREE CUPS OF TEA; ONE MAN’S MISSION TO PROMOTE PEACE. . ONE SCHOOL AT A TIME by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. Gordan Mann joined us to provide his personal experiences while trekking in Pakistan. (12)
March 11 – THE BOOK THIEF by Marku Zusak.
February – THE ROAD by Cormac McCarthy, with Julie King facilitating
January – WATER FOR ELEPHANTS by Sara Gruen with Jackie Hamblet facilitiating.

Membership continues to grow
Gathering at the Red Parka Pub
October 2 – Flatbread Fundraiser
July 4 – Our best frundraiser ever!! The Book and Bake Sale from 9-2 generated $625.00, almot doubling previous efforts
July 15 – Flatbreads
May 2008 Fundraiser at the home of Bette Dupuis home “A Magical Musical Night in May”

October 6 – Successful Book Sale fundraiser

A review of previous Friends Activities in 2007:
November 13, – Suzanne Brown led discussion on TRAILER PARK by Russell Banks.
One Book One Valley: held October 24, Ernest Hebert was in the valley discussing THE OLD AMERICAN
October 9, DOGS OF MARCH by Ernest Hebert led by Rick Agran.
September 25, Carol Foord performed the Chautauqua program about Molly Ockett.
September 12, Dr. Gaye Gould led a discussion of Amy Tan’s JOY LUCK CLUB.
The 2007 spring Humanities program, reading to the Sunbridge Care for North Conway, for One Book One Valley
Wayne Gould explained his development of Sudoku
Gaye Gould presented 3 film versions of Jane Erye
Donald Graves Poetry Reading.
August 21 Reading by Mary Mitchell, first-time author, STARTING OUT SIDEWAYS