In order to meet the objectives of the Bartlett Public Library the four elected Trustees meet monthly at the Library.  The current Chairman is Beverly Sarapin, who is beginning her second elected 3-year term on the Board. Leo Sullivan is in his 4th term as a Trustee and is the Treasurer. Elected in March of 2012, Judy Shuman is Secretary.   The Trustees are actively seeking a fifth member to serve on the board.  Interested parties can contact Bev, the Library, or Town Hall.

They have begun the process of attempting to define the Town Library needs for the next decade. The current Library space is inadequate and there appears to be no option for additional space in the present library location.  In addition there are ongoing  problems with parking during the hours school is in session and the lack of space for any town library programs during school hours.

The Town Library is rearranging its collection to increase the fiction section, Books on CD and DVDs. In addition it is expanding its digital and Wi-Fi capabilities.

The Trustees are working along three lines

  1. Reviewing the data on hand that has been accumulated over the last several yrs
  2. Reviewing how other libraries have addressed this question ( restructuring or expansion )
  3. Beginning a discussion with the citizens of Bartlett re: the future of the Library

The Trustees would welcome anyone interested in these topics to contact the Chairman of the Trustees and become a part of this discussion.

Current Library Director Kathy Van Deursen attends every Trustee Meeting so that all problems, concerns and plans are known to all.

Monthly Meetings are scheduled for the second Wednesday of the month at 8 AM at the Library. The Public is always welcome at these meetings. Trustee Meeting Minutes are available at the Library. Meeting notices are posted at the Library and at other public places in town. Your input is always welcome!

The next Trustees Meeting will be held on Wed., 6/25 at 8:30am.